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Monthly Update: August 2021

Zariff Aziz
August 8, 2021
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Early Access Program is now live!

Over these past few months, we began taking applications for our Early Access Program. We created this program so we could work closely with applicants in a 'closed testing' environment. This way, we can take in feedback and improve our platform accordingly, all before a public launch later this year.

It was a good challenge getting people to sign up, but nonetheless we thank everyone that sent us an application. Quick plug for the program; if you run a business which:

Good news, you can still apply to the program here. Lots of benefits await you, and most importantly we look forward to welcome you as a part of our growing community.

Early Access Community

Currently, we have about 5 brands that have been fully onboarded, along with 30+ resellers in their respective teams. We see many products uploaded on our platform in very diverse categories, across food (mostly), drinks, beauty, and healthcare.

We have been catching up with all our users to listen to their experience using the platform. Aside from minor bug fixes, we have also been receiving valuable feedback on the application's existing features.

New features coming soon!

We also list out all feature requests attentively - we understand that there are many moving parts in Social Commerce, and Ejenkita's mission is to accommodate that.

Here are the features we are working on, based on popular request:

1) Team Section

2) Reseller Sign up Page

3) Shipping & Delivery:

4) Admin functions:

We will be creating a more detailed timeline as we continue to add more to this list. As usual, all updates are shared on our community Telegram channel.

August Target

This month, we are focusing on three goals:

Please reach out to us if you know anyone who could be interested to join our Early Access Program. You could also ask them to talk to us, and we would be more than happy to explain the program further.

More coming in the next post!

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