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Early Adopter Benefits

Here are some of the best perks you get as an early adopter

Join our 'closed testing' phase

Your team will have exclusive access to our platform, even before we officially launch to the public


Join our closed testing phase

Early access to new features

Early adopters get to test out all the cool features before all the other users


Early access to new features

Lifetime Ejenkita premium membership

Enjoy exclusive features that will be made available only for Ejenkita premium members, for free!


Lifetime Ejenkita premium membership

Exclusive Early Adopter community

Join other Ejenkita early adopters in a community chat where we will have discussions about the


Exclusive Early Adopter community

Help shape Ejenkita's roadmap

Together, we will build the best platform for all the founders and resellers out there


Help shape Ejenkita's roadmap

Your Role

As an early adopter, you will contribute to the development of the Ejenkita platform

Actively use the platform

We want to help you manage all your business processes on one platform

Share your feedback

Let us know if you face a bug or feel that a feature can be improved

Communicate with your team

Make sure that all your team members understand how to use the platform

Participate in our survey

To give you the best experience, we will occasionally ask you to answer a simple survey

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about the Ejenkita Early Access Program

1) What is Ejenkita Early Access Program?

Ejenkita Early Access Program (EAP) is an open invitation for businesses to start using our platform and business tools before we publicly launch. This way, we can test all the important features and make sure they work well.

2) What features do you have on your platform?

Right now, you can use our platform to organise your team, track your sales and inventory, manage agent restock (payment gateway). You can read up on all our features by clicking here.

3) Why should I join the program?

This is your opportunity to be part of a big movement! We want to enhance Social Commerce in Malaysia. Together with Ejenkita, you can help out other aspiring entrepreneurs.

4) What do I get if I join?

You will get to use our platform to manage and grow your business. You will also get lifetime Ejenkita premium member status, which gives you access to all the best paid features.

5) Is there any fees for joining?

Joining the Ejenkita Early Access Program is free! We also do not charge any monthly fee or subscription fee.

6) If I join, what is expected from me?

You should provide us with feedback regarding the Ejenkita platform. If you are facing any problems or bugs, you should let us know. We are building the platform for you, so you should share any ideas on how we can improve the platform!

7) Are registrations still open?

Yes, registrations will remain open until our public launch, so hurry up and apply!

8) How do I enroll in the program?

Click here and you will be directed to the registration form.

9) If I decide to join, when do I start?

Once you have registered, we will contact you to onboard your team.

10) Am I eligible to join?

To join the Early Access Program, you need:
• To manage a business which sells products using the reseller network, e.g. stockists, agents
• To be a team player!

11) Can all my resellers join too?

Yes of course! Once you have signed up, we will help you with onboarding your agents to the platform.

12) What if I need help or support for something?

In the platform, click on "support" at the navigation bar and you can drop us a message. Otherwise, you can always reach out to us at hello@ejenkita.com

13) How will I know if you have new features on the app?

All updates will be shared in our announcement telegram group. You can join it by clicking here.

14) Can I tell others about this program?

Of course! As an Early Adopter, you should proudly let others know that you are working closely with Ejenkita to build the best platform for Social Commerce in Malaysia!

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