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Ejenkita is a community-driven marketplace where businesses and social resellers connect and transact
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Powering Communities
and Opportunities

Connect with agents and build a community for your brand. Expand your business by recruiting social resellers from all across Malaysia
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Business-to-Agent Matchmaking
Increase your sales by recruiting high quality agents to join your team
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Marketplace for Opportunities
Generate daily income by signing up as a reseller on our platform
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Avenue for Communication
All-in-one communication tool, no more switching between different applications
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Digitalisation of Business
Manage your agents and business processes efficiently using our system

Our Roadmap

We are on a journey to socialising commerce - here is our progress
Q1 2021
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Q2 2021
A stall
Launch V1
Q3 2021
A group of buildings
Q1 2022
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